Kannagara (kannagara_gods) wrote in kannagara_ooc,

Fourth Wall Plotting Post

This entry is open to everyone currently at Kannagara and anyone planning to bring their muses to the game for the upcoming fourth wall event. Please post, say hello, and tell us who you're bringing! Also if there's anything you're especially looking forward to/want to do/etc.

Please use the form below for introducing yourself as a player and post it with your name in the subject line in all caps.

Proceed to find other interesting people and pups, stalk them and reply to their post for brainstorming, or make a new comment thread to entry itself regarding a particular event/thing you have planned. Please consider this post like a freeform style plot/CR meme! ... And remember that when the 4th wall actually hits "clusterf#%" won't even begin to describe all the random, unplanned things that will happen.
Tags: event, plot
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